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THE LOOK: Amber Riley

April 20, 2012

When I saw this picture of Amber, I was immediately inspired. I LOVE the look of black-on-black, but sometimes its hard to stay fresh and exciting when rocking one neutral color head to toe. I think Amber did an incredible job of accentuating her figure with that bedazzled trim, and made me think of harness jewelry in a whole new way. Plus those shoes are just stupid wonderful.

Do you think you all could work a harness like this? I’m a little bit tempted to try!

xxoo, Molly


THE LOOK : Amber Riley
THE LOOK : Amber Riley by thoresby featuring circle jewelry


PROFILE : British Style

March 10, 2012

The London Look

The Grand UK might be a relatively small island, but it is relatively HUGE in the world of fashion. With a designer roll-call bigger than the Houses of Parliament, the British have always been masters of style, grace, and femininity. Well-known for rain and wind, the weather of Britain has played a large role in the development of national style, and the royal family has inspired everything from elegant chic to the edgy punk movement well-loved by all fashionista historians.


Neutrals (greys, taupes, black)

Rich, condensed plaids and feminine florals


Trench Coat

Even though it started its life as a military uniform, the trench has moved on to bigger, better, and far more stylish things. No woman’s wardrobe– British, American, Lebanese, you name it– is complete without an easy, effortless, classic trench coat.  Not only does the belted waist make your pretty little self look like a human hourglass, it blocks the wind! How thoughtful!


It’d be silly for a UK queen to muddle through mud in platform Louboutins, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! Wellies have been around just about forever, and a tall Hunter boot in a foresty green of kholy grey are just as chic as they are practical. I can totally imagine myself wearing these and herding some sheep– what about you?


A British lady never goes out naked– so girls, cover up those gams! Forget about the days when pantyhose were your grandmother’s version of lingerie, today is a new era. With Kate Middleton’s help, ladylike, silk-wrapped legs are back in. Not only do stockings gently smooth out imperfections, they come in fabulous styles and colors to make sure you feel like the prettiest girl you know.

Tea Dresses

According to Wikipedia, Bible of Internet Info, the modern Tea Dress is “any flowing dress of sheer or  translucent fabric, in pastel colors.” Well, sign me up. A pretty, swishy, petal-patterned dress is as perfect for high tea as it is for windy nights on the shore, and the wealth of colors, patterns, and prints in the land of the Tea Dress is endlessly inspiring. So effortless to wear, yet so feminine! They– and you, Darling– always look perfect.


Alexander McQueen

Since arriving on the scene in 1992, the McQueen brand has been the talk of fashion town. Brit Captain Alexander McQueen was arguably one of the greatest and most intelligent designers of all time, and his exotic, erotic, edgy pieces will continue to stun and captivate for years to come, now through the equally gifted mind of Sarah Burton. McQueen inspires the rebel in all of us, I think– all I want to do is rock a crazy shoulder and armadillo boot and paint the town! Anybody with me?


In the forty-one years since its founding, Mulberry has flawlessly captured quintessential British style collection after collection. With perfect little pieces like tweed minis and soft silk blouses, the Mulberry Girl is certainly the envy of all her friends. Mulberry is also known for their amazing bags– particularly the drool-worthy Bayswater and Alexa. GIVE ME TWELVE.

Style Icons

Kate Middleton: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has been praised for her magnificent style since 2006. Kate effortlessly blends couture pieces with everyman staples from stores like Zara and Reiss. Kate’s look is perfectly manicured, ladylike, and celebrates her youth while staying true to the image of a gorgeous English Rose.

Kate Moss: Style wouldn’t be style without Kate Moss. With seven Topshop collabs, 30 Vogue covers, and countless runway shows under her (very teeny) belt, its clear that Miss Moss is the style maven to watch in the UK. Kate’s look is a mix of grunge and luxury- kohl-rimmed eyes, leather basics, and power girl stilettos. Kate often sticks to a palette of dark neutrals, and is always sure to emphasize her killer legs.

Well, there you have it! Ready to tackle a UK-inspired outfit tomorrow? What are some other fashion faves we have to thank the Brits for?


THE LOOK : Emma Watson

March 5, 2012

Hello Everyone! I’m super excited to share my very first installation of “The Look” with you all! Today I was inspired by Emma Watson’s adorably feminine and whimsical airport look, and I totally plan on adopting this formula for future weekend outfits.

Emma is the paradigm of cute, casual, and ladylike style. Follow her lead by pairing easy, neutral colors with a charming printed scarf– another great neutral accessory to add interest and whimsy to any look. With an accessory as unique and versatile as the scarf, let yourself have fun and maybe drop a little extra cash! You’ll work it into your wardrobe seamlessly, and an unusual print (like doggies!) is an incredible way to really show off your personality.

The Look : Emma Watson
The Look : Emma Watson by thoresby featuring wool scarves


What do you think? Are you loving her scarf as much as I am? Have you found any other amazing scarves to share? Bonus points if the print is of animals!



March 3, 2012



It was 1856 when a young British draper changed the world. Thomas Burberry was just 21 years old when he started “Burberrys of London,” a small shop in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England dedicated to luxury outdoor attire. With this tiny, industrial, practical store, young Burberry changed the face of British and international fashion forever.


1880 –Burberry invents Gabardine, a tough woven fabric that makes the brand famous

1891 – “Burberrys” opens a bigger shop in Haymarket, London.

1901 – The Burberry Knight makes his first appearance!

1914 – Burberry is hired by the War Office to design utilitarian coats for officers and soldiers serving in WWI trenches – and fashionistas everywhere knew a good thing when they saw it. The amazing and iconic Burberry trench is born.

1920’s – The Burberry check appears as the lining of trench coats.

1955 – Burberry is granted a royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth II. Now they’re allowed to design for the royal family, yo!

2001 – Christopher Bailey is named Chief Creative Officer!


Burberry is the true definer of classically British style. Since its inception, Burberry’s garments have been simple and elegant, utilitatiran yet completely chic. Burberry has often stuck to a very neutral color palette– tans, creams, browns, smoky greys– but isn’t afraid of color- just look at the adorable mustard and kelly green frocks from the Spring/Summer 2012 runway! It seems that Burberry has long been influenced by the British atmosphere and weather. Its colors, textures, and shilouettes reflect the often-stormy London sky, biting wind, and the romantic mist of rain bouncing from cobblestoned streets. The Burberry woman is classic, romantic, and feminine– yet subtly edgy, luxe, and always on the very top of her game.


  • Haymarket: Classic check with Burberry Equestrian Knight
  • House: Classic check without Burberry Equestrian Knight
  • Nova: The newer and bigger check pattern. Nova check has a cream/tan background with vertical and horizontal black and pink/red stripes
  • Supernova: Bigger than Nova check. On a small leather good with Supernova check, usually have only a diagonal stripe but not a whole check
  • Exploded: Exploded check usually in metallic colours like silver

[list snatched from Wikipedia]


BURBERRY PRORSUM Spring 2012 Fashion Week Photos 553213




  • Mix saturated colors and textures!
  • Pair high-waisted skirts and trousers with cropped jackets to highlight your fabulous waist
  • Collar details add a unique touch of personality to a wardrobe basic

BURBERRY PRORSUM Spring 2012 Fashion Week Photos 550221

  • Basics- like the trench- in new, ladylike neutrals. I absolutely love this gorgeous rose color!
  • Wedge sandals! Paired with a longer coat, these fab shoes are an easy, stylish way to transition into spring.
  • Belts worn over the coat add a little oomph- and make your curves look amazing.

BURBERRY PRORSUM Spring 2012 Fashion Week Photos 550221




  • Stripes were all over the Porsum Runway- add some in a variety of colors and sizes to your wardrobe for the spring!
  • The silhouette of a longer pencil skirt is undeniably feminine and sexy. For shorter ladies, go for a pencil skirt that hits just at or above the knee.
  • There is no accessory more fun than sunglasses. I admit, I’m kind of a sunglasses addict, but look at how amazing they are with this look! In addition to being practical, a fun, flirty pair of cat-eye sunglasses (or whatever look you like best) is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.


The Burberry Foundation – Established in 2008, The Burberry Foundation pays homage to the brand’s dedication to adventure and exploration by supporting young people in the pursuit of their dreams.

Lisa Eldridge (my most-favorite celeb makeup artist) reviews Burberry Beauty.

Vogue takes a look at Emma Watson’s Burberry shoot from June 2009.

Vogue also shows us the amazing fashions from Porsum Pre-SS2012!

*Runway images thanks to Elle; Burberry Tote and Bailey-Watson images thanks to Burberry.

TOP 10 : Essentials

February 29, 2012


I will admit it shamlessly: I am a shopacholic. I go into a store for two pairs of underwear, and come out with a two-hundred dollar purchase pending on my debit card, a couple of tears in my eyes, and a bag of totally useless– albeit gorgeous– new purchases swinging in a shopping bag at my side.

Lately, though, I have grown up. Matured, or whatever– but that sounds too silly. My wardrobe has matured! After a fifty pound drop in weight, a makeover, and a closet emptied of oversized and off-trend pieces, I got to create myself all over again!

My wardrobe went from packed and useless to streamline and industrial. I purged nearly all of my old clothes and banished them to the depths of Goodwill, and I’ve slowly been building a practical– and FIERCE– wardrobe.

1.      Black Madewell T-Shirt

This baby is seriously one of my most prized possessions. It’s the perfect weight knit, and the cut of the neck couldn’t be better fitted for my body. These Madewell v-neck pocket tees come in dozens of colors, and you can always find them on sale suuuper cheap. They’re the perfect casual-chic tee to wear with anything.

2.      French Connection Jessica Black Denim Jeans

($118 – snagged at Marshall’s for just $29! SCORE.)

The. Most. Perfect. Black. Pants. Ever. Seriously. These babies are incredible. Although they are denim, the material is mega-soft and stretchy, which makes them super comfy and figure-flattering. The color is jet-black, so no fading or awkward shade matching to worry about here! I just had to throw out my first pair of these and seriously need to get a replacement. I’ll be feeling the withdrawal symptoms soon. I actually bought these pants in army green, too. Amazeballs.

3.     J Crew Perfect Fit V Neck T
($22.50 but always on sale for super cheap! I’m talking single digits.)

Now these T’s are a little thicker than the Madewell T, a heavier sort of knit. I have about five of these Perfect Fits in a ton of colors, and they really are a perfect fit. Usually I throw these on under blazers or cardigans and they always hold their shape, and the cut of the neck is just perfect for scarves or necklaces or that lovely décolletage. I think the cut and fabric of these are a little more feminine than the Madewells, so they’re both great additions.

4.     J Crew black cardigan
(I paid about $40 on sale! At the store I think a basic cardi runs anywhere from $50 to $100)

So I don’t actually know the name of my particular sweater, but I know it is THE best thing I’ve ever bought. Seriously, I throw this on at least once a day– even in the morning when I’m in my pjs! Its just so comfy! I really love J. Crew’s cardigans— they’re always the softest and most versatile, and are warm and wearable while still being very ladylike and simple. I bought mine on sale at the local factory store, and have been wearing it to death. It goes with everything!

5.     Franco Sorto Rapid Over the Knee Boots

So I just bought these from DSW about three months ago, and I seriously have to force myself from wearing them every day. These boots are made of supersoft leather, and the toe scuffs and wears in naturally and beautifully. I absolutely love these boots– totally worth every penny! My only complaint is that they slip and slouch a little, which wasn’t the look I was totally going for, but they’re absolutely still my favorite boots in my wardrobe.

6.     See by Chloe oversized black sweater

I’ll admit it. This was a stupid purchase. $75 for a giant black shapeless sweater?! I know, I know. In my defense, though, this sweater is probably my favorite item of clothing in my wardrobe. Although its oversized, its cut low and wide enough to really emphasize my collarbone, which I think is fab. YES, it was an irresponsibly overpriced purchase, YES. I have no guilt. (Also, I couldn’t find a picture of my sweater online, so I substituted it for this similar style from Old Navy!)

7.     Theory LBD
($59 via Marshalls!)

I am a Theory fangirl, 100% I love everything they do, so I always freak out when I can find a Theory steal hidden in the racks, just waiting for me to scream and dance and cling to them once they’re discovered. I was really in need of an LBD when this beauty came into my life from the glorious clearance racks of Marshalls, and my wardrobe prayers were answered. This dress is cut close to the body and its simplicity is just so chic. The fabric- mostly cotton with a wee little bit of lycra– makes it transition from day to night seamlessly. A simple, basic LBD like this is truly the superhero of dresses. I can accessorize for a fun look, or wear it alone with my hair pulled back  and it becomes the picture of modern minimalism.

8.     The Limited 917 Jeans
($74.90 online, $16.99 at Marshalls!)

So I have been losing weight like someone is paying me to, and right now I don’t want to make an investment in a great pair of jeans, but I still need some that fit! Enter the 917, found at my local Marshalls. I didn’t relize what an amazing deal these were until I searched The Limited’s website for them– um, whoa, thank you Marshalls for the fifty dollars-plus savings! These are great and stretchy and comfy and chic and dark. Better than that? They make my butt and my wallet very very happy.

9.     Chinese Laundry ‘At Once’ Black Suede Wedges
($45 on sale via Thom Brown!)

These shoes were Mission 1 for my wardrobe this fall and winter. I’ve seen the suede wedge all over– in magazines, on celebs, runways, and I just had to find a pair and make them mine. I’m not a big heel-wearer, but these are steady and even kind of comfortable! I wear them at least once a week, they go with everything, and they’re a nice change from the usual flats or boots! These are also super easy to dress up or dress down. Practicality! I love it!
10.     The Go-To Bra

I needed to find a couple of new bras, and this one – Betsey Johnson’s ‘Sugar’ bra – was a gift from the Bra Gods. The soft, pinky-nude blends perfectly with my skin, and the design of the cup, band, and straps are cute and girly, but disappear under tees and dresses. I feel so pretty whenever I wear this! Ladies, y’all need a bra that makes you feel pretty. End of story.


So what are your essentials? I love how much our wardrobes vary– inspire me with what you love and wear all the time! Is there anything you’d just die without?


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January 6, 2012

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